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FOXPRO FX3 in Mossy Oak Brush Camo
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FOXPRO FX3 in Mossy Oak Brush Camo

Product ID: FX3BRUSH
Price: $479.99
Product Is Out Of Stock
In stock, will ship out within 1 to 2 business days. This unit comes in the Mossy Oak Brush finish.

***Click HERE to customize the sounds for this unit, you can choose up to 32 sounds. You will be returned here after submitting your sounds.

For those that demand the best, we deliver! The FX3 is one of the most advanced electronic game callers ever. The FX3 is portable, simple to operate, proven in the field, and packed full of features.

Virtually Unlimited Sound Loop Possibilities!
The FX3 will store and play MP3s, uncompressed WAV files, or FOXPRO’s proprietary file type in its huge internal memory. Store up to 32 different 8.5-minute sound loops in MP3 format. Have a favorite 20-minute sound loop you want to use? No problem! Download it to your desired position and you still have room for 28 more 8.5-minute loops! Or put in 9 different 30-minute loops! Or use your computer editing program to compose your own loop with a variety of different calling sounds in one long loop so you don’t need to work the remote! You can even put calling loops in the first few positions and fill up the rest of the FX3’s memory with your favorite cruisin’ tunes!!

The Volume You Want.
The Professional Sound Quality You Need!

The FX3 has the best combination of sound quality and features ever offered in a compact digital caller. To accomplish this, we use two different types of speakers. Why? It’s simple! To get big volume, you need a horn speaker. The problem is, a horn speaker doesn’t handle high and low frequency sounds all that well. On the other hand, a cone speaker handles highs and lows well, but is not as loud as a horn speaker. At FOXPRO, we used a horn speaker in the front, and a cone speaker in the rear to give you the best of both worlds.

Control Up To Three Different Callers
From One FX3 Transmitter!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, FOXPRO has done it again. We’ve taken all of the great features of our TX5-LR long-range remote control and added a channel selector switch. This offers many exciting new possibilities! For example: you can place up to three callers in different locations and play different sounds on all three from one FX3 remote control. Play a rabbit distress off to your left, a coyote challenge in front and a rodent squeak off to your right! If your buddy has an FX3, you can each control your own unit independently, without interfering with each other’s callers. Lastly, one of the channels is set to that of our 416, 532 and XR6 remote models, so you can keep your current FOXPRO caller, use it with your FX3 and control them both from the TX5-LR Remote Transmitter!

Download Sounds Directly From Your Computer!
It’s as easy as plugging one end of the included USB cable to your computer, and the other to the FX3. Use your own sounds, or visit www.gofoxpro.com to download sounds from our huge sound library.


Dual Horn & Cone Speakers
Dual speakers, each with its own amplifier, for improved frequency response and increased volume & clarity. This makes for an incredibly loud Game Caller! One speaker is located in the front of the unit, the other is located in the rear, and each is controlled with its own switch. You control whether you want the front speaker to play, the rear speaker to play, or BOTH speakers to play at the same time. You can also plug in an external speaker (sold separately), and have all three speakers play at the same time.

Internal Memory
Includes 256 MB of internal digital sound storage and can hold up to 32 different sounds. The unit is designed to play MP3's, uncompressed .WAV files, and FXP (our proprietary file type!) for amazing sound quality.

Simple USB Interface
Comes standard with a built-in USB 2.0 port for computer connection that allows for instant download of sounds–no reader/writer is necessary.

Backlit LCD Display
Features a backlit LCD Display on the main unit making it visible in low-light conditions.

Multiple File Format
Plays .WAV files, .MP3, or .FXP formats.

32 Programmable Sounds
Comes standard with 32 pre-programmed sounds of your choice. Choose from the best sound library in the industry or use the supplied USB cable to transfer sounds from your computer to your caller in a matter of seconds.

Charge Jack
Equipped with a charge jack. If you are using FOXPRO’s NiMH rechargeable batteries, plug an approved FOXPRO charger into this jack and it will recharge your batteries.

Auxiliary Jack
Comes equipped with an auxiliary on/off jack to control our Jack-in-the-Box decoy or other approved devices.

External Speaker Jack
Like our other units, the FX3 comes equipped with an external speaker jack to add a third speaker for even greater volume.

External Audio Jack
Use the external audio jack on the FX3’s front panel to play sounds through your FX3’s speakers from a MP3 player, CD, tape player, walkman, or any other audio source.

4 Camouflage Options
Standard color is black. Also available in Snow Camo, Mossy Oak Break-Up, Mossy Oak Brush and Advantage Max 1

Runs On 8 AA Batteries
Runs on 8 “AA” batteries, alkaline or rechargeable NiMH Batteries.

Low Battery Detector
Features a low battery detector that indicates when the unit’s batteries need to be charged or replaced.

Virtually Unlimited Sound Loop Possibilities
Five Year Warranty
Built-in USB 2.0 Port

TX5-LR Remote
The FX3 comes standard with FOXPRO’s long-range TX5-LR remote control – a proven and reliable remote!

• The ability to instantly change sounds.
• Long range remote operation.
• Auxiliary button (to control our Jack-in-the-Box decoy or other approved devices)
• Tactile feedback – you can physically feel the button being pressed (Excellent for hunters wearing gloves)
• Channel Selector is located on the top of the FX3 remote, which allows you to control up to three units from your remote.
• The FX3 is capable of operating only on channels B and C.
• Reminder: Models 416, 44, 48, 38, 532 only operate on channel A.

In the event you don't choose customized sounds, the unit will come with these sounds:

1) Coyote Locator
2) Coyote Male Challenge
3) Coyote Female Invitation
4) Coyote Pup Distress
5) Coyote Pup Frenzy
6) Coyote and Fawn
7) Fox & Woodpecker
8) Bobcat In Heat
9) Mountain Lion Whistle
10) Jackrabbit Distress
11) Aggressive Jackrabbit
12) Cottontail Distress 1
13) Cottontail Distress 2
14) Rabbit Frenzy
15) Rodent Squeak
16) Rodent Distress
17) Kitten Distress
18) Prairie Dog
19) Prairie Dog All Clear
20) Kiss of Death
21) Hog Frenzy
22) Raccoon Fight
23) Raccoon Puppies
24) Antelope Fawn Distress
25) Fawn Bawl
26) Blacktail Fawn Distress
27) Feeding Ravens
28) Magpies
29) Lucky Bird
30) Coyote Threat
31) Pheasant Distress
32) Cow Bird Distress

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