in July's Popular Mechanics
by Gary Bell

     A few weeks ago my brother William (co-owner of was reading Popular Mechanics magazine and saw a section that asked readers to send in their very best "killer" Web sites.  Thinking we'd never have a chance of being picked, he mailed in an entry for our web site.  He almost fell out of his seat when he turned to page 32 of the July edition and saw our site listed in the top of the Technology section under "Killer Web Sites" by Kim Komando.

     The article quotes William and I saying how we "started our Web site about a year ago, we don't feel this site is a killer site.  However, we are excited about its steady progress.  We provide information to sportsmen, safety issues, tips, forums, recipes, and have an online store."  Kim replied "Oh, how humble!  Although I am not a hunter by any means and I couldn't help but think of Bambi while visiting this site, is a great resource for hunters and game enthusiasts at all levels.  One reason it works so well is that the site is very well organized."

     Kim continues saying "From the first page, you see what the site holds, from hunting myths (such as, you can tell a deer's age by its antlers) to safety tips (trust every firearm or bow with the same respect you would show a loaded gun or arrow).  Some other features you'll find at this site include field reporter stories, interactive polls, license information, hunting news and discussion boards."

     Kim concludes the article by saying "Way to go, guys, but I'd recommend adding a navigation bar at the top of the page.  It'll make finding all your hunting and gaming nuggets easier."

     Thanks Kim for the suggestions, we are now working on adding the navigation bar and also hope to add a search capability to our site soon:)  We are always open to suggestions from everyone on how to improve this web site.

     We always thought our site was decent but never dreamed it would be picked as one of the best out of several hundred websites.  That makes us feel good about all the work we've put into this and makes us want to keep improving it all the time.   Another plan we have for this website is to have the greatest selection of gamecalls available anywhere, hence the name "".  If you want to see the progress has made since a year ago, click here.  (Please don't laugh too hard:)

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