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Wiley One Female Howler Call by Jerry Hunsley
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Wiley One Female Howler Call by Jerry Hunsley

Product ID: WONE
Price: $24.95
This coyote call has a little higher pitch and can also be used to call various predators. Some of the sounds to make are jackrabbit distress, bird distress, plus all the different sounds coyotes make. One that works well is the location howl. Blowing one or two long drawn out howls makes this call. Some times the coyote or coyotes will answer. Many times they don't, and just show up. If nothing shows just do the jackrabbit distress or other distress sounds. Experiment a little. If you are hunting with a partner, try howling together, or do a group howl. Just get out there and do it!

The call will not freeze up. If the reed should break, extras can be purchased from me, or a dealer near you. One thing common to all open reed calls is that you should always straighten the reed tip before you make a call. Just pull up on it. This will prevent the airway from being blocked when you blow. Very Important! Blowing out on the tip makes higher pitch sounds and lower pitch sounds are made deeper on the reed.

The call I have produced is a howler, rabbit distress, bird in distress, and can be used as a shocker for turkeys. I made the original out of a buffalo horn many years ago. From that one, I had a mold and prototype made. This isn't just another horn with a reed inserted in the end. This is an all in one-piece call. I'm not new in the calling department. I am a well-seasoned coyote hunter with many years of calling under my belt. I'm retired now and have more time to devote to my first love of calling coyotes and giving seminars.

Some of the features that make this call nice are that it is fairly small, but has exceptional volume! You might say it has a unique look and it calls coyotes! Made in South Dakota, USA.

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