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Quaker Boy The Curve Boatpaddle
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Quaker Boy The Curve Boatpaddle

Product ID: 13645
Price: $38.99
What makes the new Curved Lid Boatpaddle so revolutionary?

1. Ease of use- Simply close the paddle from either side of the box using the weight of the paddle alone and a perfect yelp will result every time. No more tipping or turning the paddle or manipulating the call the find the sweet spot. The Patent pending Curved Lid stays horizontal and slides across the side wall like a guide, automatically producing a yelp every time. It is unbelievable.

2. Greater Length of contact and engagement area. Because of the patent pending curved lid design, the contact area between it and box is elongated by almost three times that of a straight lid. It acts as a guiding rail that forces the call to yelp when it is closed. This increased length of contact between paddle and box reproduce a fuller, more realistic, higher quality turkey vocalization that is near full proof. Whether novice or expert, this new Curved Lid Boat Paddle will be the most effective call youíll ever use.

3. The lid is crafted of Furniture Grade Mahogany and is precision cut to match the hand selected Butternut bottom. This contrast in wood designed and crafted to precision specifications results in the ultimate turkey call.

With over 30 years of Spring Gobbler hunting in over 40 states, I can state with confidence and assurance that the new Curved Lid Boat Paddle is the single most effective call I have ever used or heard. I truly believe with its revolutionary new concept, it will change the way serious turkey hunters hunt spring gobblers in the future.


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