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Nomad MX4 Moose Call w/Wireless Remote
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Nomad MX4 Moose Call w/Wireless Remote

Product ID: 365
Price: $49.95
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New for 2008
Weighing up to 1,200 pounds, moose are the world's largest member of the deer family. Rutting bulls and cows with calves are unpredictably dangerous. Their huge body size and impressive head gear make them a formidable quarry. Calling an adult male to within shooting range will quicken the heart of any big game hunter. The Cass Creek Moose Call features 5 of the most effective live animal recordings to lure the magnificent trophy.

ESTRUS COW - Five to six vocalization made by a repetitive cow calling all available bull moose. Extremely effective call used during the mating season causing any bull moose in hearing distance to work themselves into an uncontrollable mating frenzy.

MATING MOOSE - The intense and passionate sound of a cow moose while being tended to by a bull moose during the mating ritual.

CALF - An anxious young calf searching and calling when lost or separated from his mother. Very effective in calling in mature cows that frequently have desirous bull moose following close behind. Note this will call in hungry large carnivores.

LONESOME COW - A lost and upset cow eagerly searching for her young calf. This call will bring in cows, calves and bulls.

SPARRING BULLS - Bulls sparring for dominance attract other bulls and willing cows.

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