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Johnny Stewart Preymaster Digital Caller
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Johnny Stewart Preymaster Digital Caller

Product ID: PM-3
Price: $98.95
Special Offer
Purchase 1 Johnny Stewart Preymaster Digital Caller(s) and get :
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    Product Is Out Of Stock
    The PreyMaster Digital Caller puts predator calling at your fingertips.

    The handheld, water-resistant keypad is easy to use. You just slide the desired digital card into the keypad and push play. Each card contains four sounds and you can play two sounds at once. The PreyMaster comes with 12 sounds on three memory cards and you can purchase other memory cards for up to 72 additional sounds.

    The PreyMaster also includes an all-weather speaker with 10 foot cord and 50 feet of extension cord, lanyard and detachable belt clip. The PreyMaster can be used with the Power Pro Convert-A-Caller (not included) for additional volume.

    Johnny Stewart offers the most extensive library of premium animal sounds. The PreyMaster includes the Coyote #1: Desperate Cottontail (102G), Pleading Chicken (112), Fawn Bleating (155) and Coywolf Bark/Howls (168); Coyote #4: Baby Cottontail (102B), Distressed Rodent (105A), Kid Goat Distress (123) and Coyote/Grey Fox (166); and General Predator #1: Juvenile Cottontail (102F), Gobbler Distress (114D), Flicker (116D) and Housecat Distress (125A).

    Over 40 more sounds on Digital Memory Cards sold separately.

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