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FOXPRO Jack-in-the-Box Decoy
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FOXPRO Jack-in-the-Box Decoy

Product ID: FXJIB
Price: $119.95
Product Is Out Of Stock
The Most Advanced Decoy Ever!

FOXPRO’s Jack-in-the-Box decoy provides powerful visual stimulation that can be extremely useful in predator hunting. Completely self-contained, ready for remote operation (only on TX-5LR equipped units), FOXPRO’s Jack-in-the-Box decoy gives predators something enticing to look at and lures them in for a clean shot.

The hypnotic action of the Jack-in-the-Box decoy can mesmerize incoming predators. This gives you the opportunity to make your shot while your target is focused on the decoy. The Jack-in-the-Box is especially useful for coyotes that need a little extra enticement to come in close. Cats stalk it. Fox? Well, let’s just say they have been called “suicidal” by some of our pro-staff and customers, who have had them rush in and attack the decoy. But don’t worry. Replacement tops are available!

The delay mode gives you 60 seconds to get set up before the unit starts, operating the decoy at random intervals. A fast/normal mode switch controls the speed. For night calling, a built-in LED light can be used to softly illuminate the decoy top. One of the best features of the decoy, is that you can control the Jack-in-the-Box by connecting it to your FOXPRO remote caller.

What’s more, everything stores conveniently inside the box and the total weight is under 2 pounds with batteries.


• Will operate independently as a stand-alone device or remotely when used in conjunction with remotely operated FOXPRO callers.
• Operates off of four C-Cell batteries that can provide over 100 hours of continuous use
• Built-in LED that can help illuminate the decoy in night hunting situations which can be activated/deactivated by a toggle switch
• Built-in speaker that plays a rodent chirp which can be turned on or off
• Timer switch for stand-alone use that will allow the decoy to turn on and off on a random cycle
• Speed switch that lets you control how fast the decoy will move
• Unit comes with a six-foot patch cable for linking the decoy to a TX-5LR equipped FOXPRO caller
• Essential components for the decoy (wire, “Furry Critter”, etc.) can all be stored inside of the main box (exceptions for other tops)
• Interchangeable tops (sold separately)
• Decoy comes standard with the “Furry Critter” that has a real raccoon tail and two eyeball and the "Lil' Rabbit" with real rabbit fur.
• A metal wire is provided for supporting the decoy (connects down through the top of the box and into the motor; animal is mounted on top of the wire)
• Made in the U.S.A.

More Decoy Toppers are available! FOXPRO is currently offering retrofitted turkey toppers including a Hen and an Aggressive Jake, and an owl decoy.

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