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Hunting Predators

Hunt during the hour before or after sunset and sunrise and any time during the night if legal in your area.  The best times of the year for predator hunting are early fall and right before a major winter storm.  Stay away from roads, predators are very road-shy.  One good place to hunt coyotes is the suburbs, where they may even eat the food set out for your cat or dog.  One of the best ways for luring in coyotes is a fawn bleat call with a fawn decoy.  For fox hunting, a higher pitched call is best.  A good choice is an open-reed predator call.  Don't call predators too much or they will catch on quickly.  It is always a good idea to call with a partner.  The caller should be positioned 50 to 100 yards upwind of the shooters.  Coyotes almost always circle downwind before committing to the call.  Foxes will sometimes approach in this manner too.  Bobcats are less predictable and generally take less caution when approaching potential food.