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Feeding Areas

This may sound obvious, but the best way to find a feeding area used by deer is to go to where the deer food is, such as an agricultural field, an abandoned apple orchard, an oak stand, or an area that has a lot of browse.

If you aren't familiar with where these areas are, follow a heavily used deer trail and it will lead you to the feeding areas eventually. A typical feeding area will show many deer tracks. There will also be droppings and bedding areas nearby. Be aware that deer droppings look very similar to rabbit droppings. Rabbit droppings are perfectly round and light brown in color while deer droppings are black or dark brown.

If you are in a well used feeding area, you will find telltale signs such buds and twigs that were torn off. The deer has no upper teeth, therefore cannot cleanly cut what he eats, but rather has to 'rip' the vegetation off.