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Alligator Hunting, African Kudu Bull Hunting, Impala Hunting and More!

Ombengu Safari Lodge Bow Hunters Paradise
Model WOSL
Join Don Lietzau, adventure film producer and owner of World Trek Safari Consultants, LLC & international bow hunting team, Ashley Jones & Joe Fisher with this bow hunting adventure in the wilderness of Namibia. Follow the team, on location, as they put you up close and personal with the plains game of Namibia. Non-stop action video, close encounters with 55" and 56" bull kudu, graceful impala, beautiful gemsbok and the giant of them all, the african elephant, at only 12 yards!!! Then follow Don on a tranquil video tour in the heart of the Etosha Pan with elephants, black rhino, lion and much more. VHS video.
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Bullets, Bows & Bull Gators Video
Model WBBG
You haven't hunted predators until you've hunted the Bull Gator! Join Don Lietzau of "World Trek Safari Consultants" and Rober "Bookie" Stewert of Choupique 2 Hunting Camp, as they hunt the "Bull Gators" of the Bayou. This is an action packed adventure in the swamps of Louisiana. See them battle 29 Gators with bows and rifles. One well over 10' long! VHS format video.
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Buffalo Barramundi - An Outback Adventure Australia
Model WBA
From the Land "Down Under". Join Don & Cindy Lietzau of "World Trek Safari Consultants" and Glenn Giffin of "Muckadilla Safaris" on an adventure of a lifetime. Watch as they experience up close and personal action with massive Buffalo. See Don take a monster Buffalo at 40 yards with his 375 mag. Holland & Holland. Then join the crew as they fish a quiet tropical river for Barramundi, Saratoga and Sooty Grunter. Flying Fruit Bats, Saltwater Crocodile, Wallaby, Dingo and more await you in this far off and very remote land. VHS video, 60 minutes.
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