Turkey Locator Calls - Woodpecker / Distress Calls

Devastator Calls "Triple Play" Shock Gobble & Predator Call
Model DTP
The "Triple Play" is a unique call that easily imitates the sounds of Coyote Barks, Palpated woodpecker and peacock.
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Penn's Woods Woodpecker / Peacock Call
Model 9880
Produces high-pitched woodpecker & peacock calls that shock a bird into gobbling.
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Haydel's Ragin Rooster with Instructional Tape Model RR-98
Haydel's Ragin' Rooster w/Instructional Tape
Model RR-98
Haydel's has created the ultimate locator call. Roosters crowing in the early morning will often times cause turkeys to gobble. While being extremely loud, the RR-98 is a very natural sound. Especially useful in locating distant toms. ALSO DOUBLE AS PILEATED WOODPECKER, COYOTE HOWL, AS WELL AS PEACOCK. Clucks and yelps of a hen turkey can also be imitated. Comes with free instruction tape.
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Johnny Stewart Yellowhammer Woodpecker
Model CT116C
Popular with callers for all predators. Cassette is 60 minutes total (30 minutes on each side).
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Haydel's Injured Woodpecker
Model IW-93
Variable tooth positions of this call allows the caller a wide range of sounds, including the sound of a woodpecker in distress (which has proven to be an effective tape in electronic callers). The IW-93, Injured Woodpecker certainly is an exciting approach to calling.
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Primos Peacock
Model 336
3-in-1 Locator Call featuring coyote, peacock, and woodpecker. Easy-To-Use call gives you options while locating turkeys. The shrill cry of the peacock is well known for driving gobblers crazy. The peacock call is also capable of producing a pileated woodpecker, perfect for Eastern U.S. hunters and high-pitched coyote, perfect for areas of the West - including Texas.
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Knight & Hale Pileated Woodpecker Call
Model KH149
This is an excellent call to make turkeys “shock gobble,” giving away their location. It can be used successfully all day long and is especially effective from mid-morning to late afternoon.

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