Ultimate Hunting Team

Ultimate Hunting Team Harold's Ultimate Elk Four Pack
Model UHT820
We packed the favorites of Harold Knight and David Hale together in the Ultimate Four-Pack. The Ultimate Single Spruce is perfect for soft cow and calf calling for close-up encounters. The Ultimate Double Aspen double-reed is a great all-around call for bugling or cow calling. The Ultimate Dark Timber is super-loud for long distance or contest bugling and chuckling. Harold's Ultimate Screamin' Bull produces a deeper, raspier bugle with thick, real-sounding chuckles.
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Ultimate Hunting Team Harold's Scream'n Elk Diaphragm
Model UHT800
This easy-to-use diaphragm call features Knight & Hale's blended latex, which soaks up less water and adds years to the life of the call. The Screamin' Bull Elk call is designed to produce a medium to deep raspy bull elk bugle, as well as natural-sounding cow and calf calls.
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