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Texas Predator Pursuit Reloaded Vol 2 DVD
Model TPP2
From heart-pounding day footage to the best night hunting ever filmed, you will find all you are looking for on Texas Predator Pursuit Reloaded. No matter your level of experience, you will find practical information that you can use right away. Not wanting to change their style of fast-pace-in-your-face action, Jeff and Todd also put together an additional instructional section for the beginner caller. Seasoned callers will want to go straight to the action while the beginner can learn from years of tried and true techniques. With great day and night footage from 60 hunts and a hilarious blooper section, this video will entertain and inform for hours. DVD video format.
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Texas Predator Pursuit DVD
Model TPP1
Texas Predator Pursuit is a Combination Day Time and Night Time Hunting Video with 50 exciting hunts. Jeff Thomason and Todd Woodall have both been calling predators from a very young age. They use their experience and youth to put together an informative and very exciting video. Jeff and Todd realized there were several good day hunting videos on the market, but none that had a good mix of nighttime as well as daytime footage. Jeff and Todd set out to make a unique video heavy with action, and with an instructional style that did not take away from the excitement of the video. This video is very high energy with all the tips you need to become successful at predator hunting without making you want to fast forward through drawn out commentary. DVD video format.
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