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Raccoons Calls, CDs, Memory Cards & Cassette Tapes

Woods Wise Ragin' Coon Squaller - 2 Reed X-tra Loud
Model WW079
•Dual Reeds for Greater Volume. •Makes Fightin' Cries of Coons. •Extra Loud-Extra Shrill and Raspy. Score More Points!
Click HERE to order this product

Zepp's - LifeTime Coon Squaller
# 1 Selling Coon Squaller in the USA! Machined Aluminum, will last a Lifetime. Quality sounding coon squaller used by professional handlers and pleasure hunters. Easty to Blow Dual Reed System makes realistic squalls and growls. Drives coons crazy! Comes with a free lanyard.
**Note from GameCalls.net Pro-Staff: After testing this call, we can say it is a truly loud and realistic sounding coon call, the loudest we've ever heard.
Click HERE to order this product

Western Rivers Predation COON HUNTER Mini
Model 913
The Predation Coon Hunter Mini Caller delivers the authentic sounds of the masked bandit. Don't ever leave the tree wondering because you couldn't blow a coon squaller. This little device will make even the most stubborn coon look and even walk down the tree. Great for calling them in as well.

Sounds Included:

  • Kitten Coon Puppies
  • Kitten Coon
  • Raccoon Sow
  • Raccoon Squall (Adult)
  • Raccoon Squall (Young)
  • Click HERE to order this product

    Faulk's Walnut Coon Squaller
    Model CS-5
    Walnut finished call used to imitate a fighting coon. Easy to use, with complete instructions.
    Click HERE to order this product

    Devastator Calls Coon Squaller
    Model DCS
    Effectively and accurately produces the squalls and cries of raccoons.
    Click HERE to order this product

    Johnny Stewart Prey Master Game Caller Digital Memory Card
    Johnny Stewart Prey Master Digital Memory Card - Raccoon #1
    Model MC-RC1
    Digitally Mastered Memory Cards for the all new Johnny Stewart Preymaster Digital Game Caller. This memory card includes the following 4 calls: Raccon Fight (104B), Raccoon/Squealing Bird (104C), Grey Fox/Raccoon (113E) and Meadowlark (117) sounds for use in the Preymaster Digital Caller.
    Click HERE to order this product

    Johnny Stewart Raccoon Fight
    Model CT104B
    Field Tests: 32 coons in 3 nights.
    Click HERE to order this product

    Lohman Coon Squaller Model # 118

    Lohman Coon Squaller
    Model 118

    This full-size coon squaller creates deep guttural sounds which make coons look, and pulls them down the tree. Easy to blow. Call can be blown or growled into to meet specific needs. Features a durable mylar reed.
    Click HERE to order this product

    Johnny Stewart Raccoon Calls
    Volume 1
    Model CD-RCV1
    This CD-Rom includes the following on 4 tracks: Raccoon Fight (104B), Raccoon & Squealing Bird (104C), Raccoon & Grey Fox Fight (113E) and Squealing Bird (116A) sounds, specially formatted for CD. Note: This is not an instructional CD but actual recordings of these animals which really entice raccoons.
    Click HERE to order this product

    Johnny Stewart Coon Squaller
    Model CS-1
    This easy-to-blow Coon Squaller is simply the finest and best sounding raccoon call we have ever developed. This call produces effective growls and squalls that drives coons wild.
    Click HERE to order this product

    Johnny Stewart Rabbit Distress Predator Call
    Model PC-7
    Attract the immediate attention of bobcats, foxes, coyotes, and raccoons.
    Click HERE to order this product

    Knight & Hale Coon Squawler
    Model KH924
    A reed type coon squawler that has more volume than any other call. It makes the sounds of a fighting coon that are necessary for calling him out of a tree.

    Click HERE to order this product

    Knight & Hale Fightin' Chatter Coon Call and Tape
    Model KH926
    This call was developed after extensive use by professional & word champion coon hunters. The fighting chatter is made by rapidly shaking the call. This irresistable sound gets them to show their eyes almost every time.

    Click HERE to order this product

    Primos Coon Squaller
    Model 310
    Attracts both raccoons and predators. Reproduces the high pitched squall of a raccoon. Excellent for locating.
    Click HERE to order this product

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