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Devastator Calls "Triple Play" Shock Gobble & Predator Call
Model DTP
The "Triple Play" is a unique call that easily imitates the sounds of Coyote Barks, Palpated woodpecker and peacock.
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Haydel's Ragin Rooster with Instructional Tape Model RR-98
Haydel's Ragin' Rooster w/Instructional Tape
Model RR-98
Haydel's has created the ultimate locator call. Roosters crowing in the early morning will often times cause turkeys to gobble. While being extremely loud, the RR-98 is a very natural sound. Especially useful in locating distant toms. ALSO DOUBLE AS PILEATED WOODPECKER, COYOTE HOWL, AS WELL AS PEACOCK. Clucks and yelps of a hen turkey can also be imitated. Comes with free instruction tape.
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Penn's Woods Woodpecker / Peacock Call
Model 9880
Produces high-pitched woodpecker & peacock calls that shock a bird into gobbling.
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Primos Peacock
Model 336
3-in-1 Locator Call featuring coyote, peacock, and woodpecker. Easy-To-Use call gives you options while locating turkeys. The shrill cry of the peacock is well known for driving gobblers crazy. The peacock call is also capable of producing a pileated woodpecker, perfect for Eastern U.S. hunters and high-pitched coyote, perfect for areas of the West - including Texas.
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