Mule Deer & Blacktail Deer Calls

Bruce Hancock's - Calls-M-All Game Call
Model 00001
One call does it all. Calls elk, deer, coyotes, other predators, bear, antelope, turkey, quail, chukar, widgeon and more! Four time award winner. The most versatile wildlife game call in the world. It has been field tested and proven by sportsment, professional outfitters, wildlife biologists and outdoor photographers all over the U.S. Replaces over a dozen different individual calls with just one call. You've tried the rest... Now try the best! Instructional video, CD and replacements are available HERE.
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Lohman K'Meer Deer Call
Model KM100
The K'Meer deer call by Lohman is a communication call different from a "Bleat" or "Grunt" call. It actually says "Come-Here," "Come-Closer," and "Stay-Here." Attracts both bucks and does. This small call fits easily in a shirt or vest pocket. Works for whitetails as well as mule deer.
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Lohman Snort Deer Call
Model 32
Brings deer in out of confusion and curiousity. Buck's snort challenges other bucks. Great to stop moving deer and use during rattling routine. Works for whitetails as well as mule deer.
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Knight & Hale Mule Deer Magnum Deer Grunter™
Model KH1029-W
A very effective, large volume call for long distances, windy conditions, or in heavy cover. This call allows you to produce the rapid grunting and clicking sounds made by any buck. The unique Extend-A-Tone® Hose allows adjustment in the call’s tone.
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Carlton's Calls Western Buck & Doe Deer Grunt Call
Model 70088
Produce a full volume and range of sounds to grunt in whitetails, mule deer, coues deer and antelope, bucks or does! Patented reed design, with lanyard.
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Carlton's Calls True Talker Western Deer Call
Model 70080
The western version of the revolutionary True Talker deer call! Produces the full range of deer sounds, with inflection, for western whitetail, blacktail, coues and mule deer. Flexible fingering and four "Memory Bands" to quickly and easily find desired tone. Will not freeze up. Includes lanyard and instructions.
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Primos Power Mule Deer & Blacktail Grunter
Model 736
Effective for long-range calling. Dual-reed assembly for Inhale-Exhale operation. Reproduces the throaty grunts and estrus cries by simply inhaling and exhaling. Perfect for Mule Deer and Blacktails, especially during the rut. Includes built-in compass.
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Model 738
"GREAT BIG" size for louder and longer calling. Great for windy days, open country or fields. Perfect for whitetail, mule deer & blacktail deer.
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Pete Rickard's Mule Doe in Heat
Model LH558
Mulie hunters - we haven't forgotten you! For your wall hanger, hunt the rut and take along this pure estrus urine with natural secretions! Flip top 1 - 1/4 oz. sqeeze bottle.
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Primos Big Game Out West Video
Model 414
Hunting big game out west is full of mental and physical challenges. Whether you're hunting in the desert, above the timberline or in the aspens, matching wits with North America's big game is challenging.
Come along with the Primos® Hunting Team™ as we take you on 15 fair chase hunts for a variety of big game. We'll take you on elk hunts in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and Montana. Then we'll go on a Shiras Moose Hunt in Idaho and hunt mule deer in Colorado. We'll also go north to hunt black bear in western Canada, south to hunt antelope in New Mexico and we'll go on one of my favorite hunts for Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep in the John Long Mountain Range of Montana.
See it all just the way it happened, as we hunt Big Game Out West™. 15 hunts, 2 hours. VHS format.
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E.L.K., Inc. Western Deer Hunting DVD
Model XWD
MHunting western whitetail and mule deer can take place in the mountains, the river bottoms or the sagebrush hills and flats. Millions of acres are available for hunting by residents and non-residents. “Western Deer Hunting” includes seven successful deer hunts and two successful antelope hunts. The hunts in Montana were on public land and Block Management land. The Wyoming hunts were under outfitter supervision. There are approximately 8 ½ million acres of ranch land in the state of Montana under the free Block Management Hunting Program. The video will show you how to understand and take part in this program. (DVD Video Format - 60 minutes).
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