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Knight & Hale Steady Ready
Model KH795
A shooting stick for a bow? A fully mobile, convenient way to keep your turkey shotgun at ready for a long period of time? A unit that allows hunters to shoot off-hand nearly as steadily as with a rest? Yes, the Steady Ready is all of these and more. The revolutionary Steady Ready attaches to the hunter’s forearm with secure Velcro straps and the steady arm positions out of the way along the forearm until ready for use. With the base of the steady arm positioned against the user’s stomach or waist, a bow hunter can draw a heavy poundage bow with ease, then hold it for minutes at a time because all of the tension is absorbed by the steady arm.The Steady Ready also makes it easier to hold the sight on the target for pinpoint accuracy even in the midst of a serious case of buck fever. Turkey hunters also see benefit from the Steady Ready. The steady arm can be positioned to act as a monopod to hold a shotgun at the ready with little or no tension placed on the hunter. Big game hunters can use it much as an archer would and shoot offhand nearly as well as from a rest. The Knight & Hale Steady Ready will make anyone a better shooter.
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Knight & Hale Beacon Locator Light
Model KH791
Many hunters know the desperate feeling of searching for a treestand as the sky goes from black to gray. These hunters spread scent across their hunting area, walk up on other hunters and simply ruin the morning hunt. The Beacon is a light in the darkness. Hang the Beacon on the treestand or hunting location with the convenient hanger/antenna, then when approaching in the darkness, hit the remote control from up to 200 yards away and the Beacon will guide you to the stand. The Beacon also is great for marking downed game, locating duck blinds and anything else that you need to return to in the darkness. Perfect for • Treestands • Duck Blinds • Goose Pits • Marking Downed Game • Alerting Others to your Hunting Area • Many, Many More Uses.
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Knight & Hale Easy-Up Pull Up Cord
Model KH793
The new Knight & Hale Pull Up Cord makes getting your bow, gun and gear into the treestand a snap. This Pull Up Strap is the most convenient unit ever devised to get gear into the treestand. It features an automatic reel-in that whips the strong (rated for 60 pounds) cord back into the unit for easy transport, 25 feet of cord and a belt loop for convenience. Encased in rubber armor, it won’t make noise if knocked against the stand. It even has a locking device that holds out the desired amount of cord.
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Knight & Hale Wind Seeker - Wind Detection Device
Model KH796
Here is a handy little wind detection device that attaches directly to your bow so you’ll never be without it. The Wind Seeker is very lightweight so it doesn’t add much weight to the bow or throws off your balance, and it s diminutive size keeps it out of the way until needed. The easy to access “fuzz” is a great tool to constantly judge wind direction when hunting. The Wind Seeker is easily refillable and can also be attached to a gun sling, backpack or binocular strap. “Know the Wind” with the Wind Seeker.
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Knight & Hale Gunslinger Gun Rest
Model KH784
The Gunslinger Gun Rest is compact. It is only 8-inches long and will adapt to most gunslings. The Gunslinger can be used on your knee, shoulder, treestand or virtually anywhere the gun sits as a quiet comfortable gunrest. The Gunslinger is made of a solid foam for steady support, yet it allows the gun to rest quietly and comfortably. The outside of the Gunslinger is fashioned with Mossy Oak® Break-up™ camouflage.
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Knight & Hale Ultimate Ol' Yeller SLA-TEK Wooden Pot Turkey Call
Model UHT158
Knight & Hale’s classic Ol’ Yeller Sla-Tek friction call has been promoted to the Ultimate Hunting Team and given a sharp new cherry wood pot. Hunters across the nation know the effectiveness of the Ol’ Yeller. More turkeys have met their match due to the sweet sounds of an Ol’ Yeller than probably any other single call, and it sounds even sweeter with the cherry wood pot. The handsome engraving on the bottom of the call make this call as good to look at as it is to listen to.
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Knight & Hale Tom Coffin Push/Pull Turkey Call
Model KH1505
Knight & Hale’s new Tom Coffin offers features never before seen in a push-pull call. Features like a volume adjustment, tone adjustment and a silencer that keeps the call quiet until ready to call. Add in a new ergonomic shape that fits the hand and that true-to-life turkey sound Knight & Hale is known for and you’ve got the best push-pull call on the market.
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Knight & Hale Lonesome Hen Turkey Call with One Hand Operation
Model KH169
The Lonesome Hen is the first palm-size adjustable volume call that produces realistic turkey purrs and yelps. The rounded shape fits comfortably in your hand and allows easy one hand operation. For precise presentation, the adjustable cap allows the hunter to easily control volume.
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Knight & Hale Ultimate Spring XII Double DVD Set
Model KH1136D
Harold Knight says it was the most exciting turkey season in his 50 years of hunting! David Hale says he's never seen more longbeard action, and Gobblers Gone Wild captured it all. Harold, David and various Knight & Hale Pro Staff take you on 20 hunts across the country on this two-DVD set.
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Knight & Hale Mega Moose Call
Model KH823
Produces realistic bull moose grunt sounds... Extended "Mega-bell" horn for super loud calling. Exclusive removable baffle serves to mute your calls when a bull is close. Easily produces a wide range of natural-sounding and effective bull moose calls. Easy to use reed style call. Amplifier bugle for maximum volume. Moose possess an incredible sense of smell, this call used in conjunction with scents/urines as attractants can greatly increase your odds of success.
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Ole Yelper
Knight & Hale Ole Yelper
Model KH194
You won't believe the true-tone and natural-sounding calls that come form the Ol'Yelper. This box call is manufactured of solid walnut and is cut out of one piece of material for superior and consistant sound. It's lacquerpfinished and laser engraved.
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Pocket Puppy
Knight & Hale Mini SLA-TEK Pocket Puppy
Model KH173
SLA-TEK is the first custom formulated, molded and tuned material ever developed for turkey calls. Knight & Hale's Mini SLA-TEK is now made with this superior technology. SLA-TEK was developed to produce true and natural turkey talk. It takes little effort to make this call whisper or scream. The Pocket Puppy is a must for beginners and a secret weapon for the seasoned pros.
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Sweet Hen
Knight & Hale Sweet Hen
Model KH195
The name says it all! This potless slate call produces soft, realistic calls that bring big toms that last 100 yards. The Sweet Hen produces soft tree calls, clucks, and purrs, but the surprising part is that it also creates nice yelps and cuts - on a softer scale than other calls. This user-reiendly call uses the caller's hand as the sounding board and cup, and includes an all-glass striker for super soft, crystal- clear calls. A roughing pad is also included.
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Fighting Purr System Turkey Calls
Knight & Hale Fighting Purr System® Turkey Calls
Model KH126
Create your own fight. It is against the nature of a gobbler to come to a hen, but it is in his nature to come to a fight. The aggressive purrs that are created with this turkey calls set are so effective that it will make turkeys three years old and older come into gun range. What makes this set unique is that each box will make a different pitch sound. Non-gobbling turkeys will gobble back immediately. Call-shy & smart gobblers will come running & gobbling. Instructional tape is included.
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Knight & Hale Shock-Gobble Kit in
Mossy Oak Break Up Camoflauge
Model KH168
Shock gobbling... the newest technique that is sweeping the country. Beginner or experienced hunters can readily appreciate this complete package including models KH118 (Owl), KH402 (Crow) and KH502 (Screamin' Hawk) as well as an instructional audio cassette tape.

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Knight & Hale Acrylic Shock- Gobble Kit
Model KH168AC
“Shock Gobbling” is the greatest turkey hunting technique sweeping the country. The sounds from the new acrylic models of the Shock Gobble Owl Call, Screamin’ Hawk, and Magnum Crow Call resonate greater distances through the woods to make that gobbler give away his location. Instructional tape and call lanyards included.
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Knight & Hale Gobbler Guide
Model KH185
The information-packed Gobbler Guide offers the novice as well as the seasoned hunter a concise yet complete course in turkey transitions. It's easy to use - just pick a state and pick a date, then follow the simple instructions. 79 years of hunting knowledge & experience between David Hale and Harold Knight make up this Gobbler Guide that can be carried in your pocket for up close observation of what is happening in the field. The Gobbler Guide comes with a 45-minute video and audio cassette describing in detail how to become a knowledgeable and successful turkey hunter by telling and showing the hunter what makes a turkey tick.

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Knight & Hale Magnum Crow Call
Model KH404
A must for the serious crow or turkey hunter. This call is specially designed for tone and volume. Used properly, it produces an excellent imitation of both the young crow and the raspy, fighting adult crow.
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Knight & Hale Double-Sided Mini Box Call™
Model KH154
A compact size call that produces high-pitched raspy calls on one side and lower-pitched hen and gobbler sounds on the other side. Excellent for windy days and long-range calling.
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Knight & Hale Ultimate Glass Queen with 2 Strikers
Model KH156
This all-weather friction call is easy to operate and will make the yelps, tree calls, cackles, clucks, cuts and purrs necessary for effective turkey calling. It is 100 percent waterproof and works like a champ in wet conditions. Also features new graphite cup. • Produces excellent high pitched calls • Full frequency for a wide range of calls • Strikers: all-weather and exotic wood included.
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Knight & Hale Wild Hog Call
Model KH1201

This call is designed to make the grunting sounds of a wild hog. Effective for calling hogs into close range by mimicking the sounds of another adult hog.

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Knight & Hale Wild Hog Squealer
Model KH1203
Designed to mimic the screams of a young hog in distress, the Knight & Hale Hog Squealer will bring adult hogs running. It also creates the sounds of fighting boars which other boars will readily respond to. All of these sounds can be an irresistible draw to sows, boars and young hogs alike.
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Knight & Hale Predator Cassette Kit with 8 Tapes
Model KH919

This tape kit includes 8 of the Knight & Hale predator cassettes. Includes Models 911 - Varmint Instructional, 912 - Cottontail High Pitch Distress, 913 - Jackrabbit Distress Low Pitch, 914 - Rodent Distress High Pitched, 915 - Grey Fox Pup distress, 929 coyote instructional, 917 Deer fawn distress, 918 crow death cry and baby crow distress of the predator sound tapes. A must for all varmit hunters. This set is a real money saver.

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Knight & Hale Calling All Coyotes Instructional Video
Model KH1106
Harold Knight, David Hale, and Bill Bynum cover hunting, puppy whinning, rabbit squealing, equipment setup, and many more tips to make you a better coyote and predator hunter.
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Knight & Hale 2-in-1 Predator Call Kit
Model KH932
This kit contains the E-Z Predator Squeaker and the Puppy Whiner combination call. An instructional audio tape is included to help you get the most out of this unique and flexible predator call.
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Knight & Hale HunterVision Camouflage Sport Glasses
Models KHBC / KHGC
Knight & Hale’s exclusive HunterVision camouflage eyewear are designed to protect the sportsman’s eyes in the woods or on the water. HunterVision sunglasses reduce glare. The polarized lenses are available in gray and amber, and all frames have spring temples, providing a perfect fit every time. In addition, all frames come equipped with Mossy Oak camouflage to help sportsmen blend-in, or just make a unique fashion statement. A supplied lanyard will keep your glasses handy and out of the way.
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Knight & Hale EZ-Grunt-er PLUS
Model KH1003
This full-season, versatile call covers all contact grunts. It features the patented advantage of inhale and exhale operation and the new Mossy Oak Break-up camo pattern. The inhale/exhale feature allows operation from one end of the call, providing a realistic hyperventilating sound. This is important in creating the tending buck grunt, with its hyperventilating rhythm. This call also includes an Extend-A-Tone hose for a wider range of tone. Only this patented Knight and Hale concept can create that sound.
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Knight & Hale Deer Magic Deer Calls Calling Kit with Video and Lanyard
Model KH 5003
The EZ-Grunt-er “Plus” Doe Bleat makes Hyperventilating grunts by inhaling and exhaling on the same end of the call. It’s small enough to be held between your teeth and to the side of your mouth without the use of your hands. The doe bleat call will make the separated or contact sounds of a doe. The bleats from this call can be used year round, and it’s very easy to master. The Camo EZ-Bleat makes the distress calls of a fawn in trouble. Model KH1115 "Ultimate Whitetail Season II" video features pure hunting entertainment from preseason scouting to late season hunting. One hundred-plus days of hunting results in nine successful hunts plus many close encounters.
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Knight & Hale EZ-Grunt-er® Deer Call
Model KH1001
This is the original EZ-Grunt-er that started it all. The EZ-Grunt-er's hose is virtually the same size as a deer's windpipe for accuracy of tone and that highly desired guttural sound. This call is a basic grunter that covers most contact sounds with ease.
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Knight & Hale Magnum Deer Grunter
Model KH1029
This versatile, full season call can reproduce all common deer "grunts". It is very effective in windy conditions because of the volume that it produces.You can easily produce the rapid grunting and clicking sounds made by any buck.The unique Extend-a-Tone hose will allow you to adjust the call's tone.This call is finished in mossy oak break up pattern.
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Knight & Hale Rut-n-Buck Deer Call
Model KH1026
The Rut-n-Buck was developed after listening to rutting bucks tending or breeding does in estrus. This sound imitates the single clicking grunt sound of a dominant male that is closely watching the doe that he intends to breed. This call is designed especially for the peak of the rut. It is great for close range calling. Produces both buck and doe grunts.
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Knight & Hale Mule Deer Magnum Deer Grunter™
Model KH1029-W
A very effective, large volume call for long distances, windy conditions, or in heavy cover. This call allows you to produce the rapid grunting and clicking sounds made by any buck. The unique Extend-A-Tone® Hose allows adjustment in the call’s tone.
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