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Knight & Hale Steady Ready
Model KH795
A shooting stick for a bow? A fully mobile, convenient way to keep your turkey shotgun at ready for a long period of time? A unit that allows hunters to shoot off-hand nearly as steadily as with a rest? Yes, the Steady Ready is all of these and more. The revolutionary Steady Ready attaches to the hunter’s forearm with secure Velcro straps and the steady arm positions out of the way along the forearm until ready for use. With the base of the steady arm positioned against the user’s stomach or waist, a bow hunter can draw a heavy poundage bow with ease, then hold it for minutes at a time because all of the tension is absorbed by the steady arm.The Steady Ready also makes it easier to hold the sight on the target for pinpoint accuracy even in the midst of a serious case of buck fever. Turkey hunters also see benefit from the Steady Ready. The steady arm can be positioned to act as a monopod to hold a shotgun at the ready with little or no tension placed on the hunter. Big game hunters can use it much as an archer would and shoot offhand nearly as well as from a rest. The Knight & Hale Steady Ready will make anyone a better shooter.
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Knight & Hale Wind Seeker - Wind Detection Device
Model KH796
Here is a handy little wind detection device that attaches directly to your bow so you’ll never be without it. The Wind Seeker is very lightweight so it doesn’t add much weight to the bow or throws off your balance, and it s diminutive size keeps it out of the way until needed. The easy to access “fuzz” is a great tool to constantly judge wind direction when hunting. The Wind Seeker is easily refillable and can also be attached to a gun sling, backpack or binocular strap. “Know the Wind” with the Wind Seeker.
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Bear 1st Shot Jr. Archery Set
Model 04791
Set Includes:
Durable Glassflex Limbs
For Right or Left Handed Shooters
2 Safetyglass Arrows
Belt Quiver
Finger Tab

Approximate Bow Specs:

Draw Length: 15"
Draw Weight: 9.5 lbs.
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Devastator Calls Cam Saver Bow Sling
Model D-CSBS
Cam Saver Bow Sling.
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Protektor Model Archery Target
Model 57
The exterior is made of a white plastic burlap material (which is the same for the inner bag). The interior is stuffed with leather pieces that makes an excellent stop for your arrows. This target is a 4 in 1 target. Size of target is approx. 20" x 20" with another 20" x 20" target rolled up on top of bag. When one side is worn out, simply unroll top target and flip bag over and let filling fall into the other side giving you another target on both sides to use. Made in U.S.A. 100%.
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Devastator Calls Traditional Bow Hunting Video
Model DTV
Join Ken and Pat Willis of Devastator Game Calls and good friend Joe Lew as they kick back and enjoy some good old fashion huntin’ stories by the campfire. Includes Elk, Deer, Turkey, Pheasant, Rabbit, Squirrel, Bear, Hog and Bow Fishing hunts and footage. Real Hunts but told in a relaxing and complimentary manner. This video is fun and great for the kids. Also includes some positive hunting messages and inspiring words from one of the industries most beloved men. A hunting video for the whole family.
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H.S. Archery Hunter's Utility Rope
Model 00794
This 20' all-purpose hunter's utility rope is light, strong, and rot resistant for long life. It features Quiet snap hooks on each end. While being ideal for lifting bows and other items up to a tree stand, it is a highly useful piece of equipment for many hunting or household situations. Don't overlook including this utility rope when packing for your next outing, it's a must!
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Devastator Calls Bow Saddle
Model DBS
A must for the serious bow hunter.  Be ready at all times and keep bow in hand ready to shoot. Takes the strain out of holding your bow.
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