FOXPRO Systems FP532, FP416 & FX3 Digital Callers

FOXPRO FX3 with TX-5LR Remote, 32 Sounds, Dual Speakers (Cone / Horn) Mossy Oak Break Up
Model FX3BU
America's # 1 selling high-end digital game call.
This high quality caller will get you results. Comes with the following 32 proven in the field predator sounds installed:
1) Coyote Locator, 2) Coyote Male Challenge, 3) Coyote Female Invitation, 4) Coyote Pup Distress, 5) Coyote Pup Frenzy, 6) Coyote and Fawn, 7) Fox & Woodpecker, 8) Bobcat In Heat, 9) Mountain Lion Whistle, 10) Jackrabbit Distress, 11) Aggressive Jackrabbit, 12) Cottontail Distress 1, 13) Cottontail Distress 2, 14) Rabbit Frenzy, 15) Rodent Squeak, 16) Rodent Distress, 17) Kitten Distress, 18) Prairie Dog, 19) Prairie Dog All Clear, 20) Kiss of Death, 21) Hog Frenzy, 22) Raccoon Fight, 23) Raccoon Puppies, 24) Antelope Fawn Distress, 25) Fawn Bawl, 26) Blacktail Fawn Distress, 27) Feeding Ravens, 28) Magpies, 29) Lucky Bird, 30) Coyote Threat, 31) Pheasant Distress, and 32) Cow Bird Distress. These sounds can easily be changed with your own sounds, or you can order new sounds online at FOXPRO's web site.

Dual amplified speakers (1 cone, 1 horn. Can run both or either one)
256 MB digital audio storage
MP3, WAV, and FXP sound file formats supported
FX3 remote operation up to 700 yds line of sight
USB 2.0 port for high speed sound file transfer
Low battery detector
Backlit LCD display
32 programmed sounds
External speaker jack (3.5mm)
Runs on 8 "AA" batteries
Decoy jack (Can control decoys, lamps and other accessories)
Charge jack
Low battery detector
Comfortable Carrying Handle
Super Lightweight (under 2 lbs)
7 Year Manufacturers Warranty
100% Built in the USA
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