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Primos B-Mobile™ Turkey Gobbler Decoy Product ID : 69041
The plan to hatch B-Mobile™ was conceived three years ago. It all started with a real stuffed gobbler we named Bob. Bob wasn't the easiest thing to carry around in the woods, but man he got the job done! When turkeys saw Bob, they would come in running. Bob worked great to bring in those weary gobblers, but he was hard to tote around. We decided to try and build a decoy that worked as well as Bob but was more mobile. After working with prototypes of full strutting gobblers for the past three years, we finally had it all come together with B-Mobile™ (that's short for Bob-Mobile™). Now you have all the benefits of a mounted gobbler in an easy to carry unit. Includes: Strutting Gobbler Decoy, Fold-Up Silk Fan, B-Mobile Fan Holder, Decoy Stake, Carrying Bag, Instructional DVD. Features * Easy to Carry * Full-Strut Gobbler Decoy * Has a Fan Holder for Attaching a Real Fan * Folds Up * Compact * Quick Set-Up * Metal Stake Click for details & product rating...
Price: $79.99
Primos Swingin' Hen Decoy Product ID : 69071
All hunters know that if they could get their decoy to move, it would be more realistic. With the Swingin' Hen™, the slightest breeze will move the head. The Swingin' Hen™ is designed in the feeding position and her movement will help put that weary Tom at ease. The Swingin' Hen™ is made from the same material as the popular B-Mobile™ Strutting Gobbler Decoy and can be rolled or folded up and carried in your vest. When you are looking for a decoy that is more lifelike, look no further than the Swingin' Hen™ from Primos. Includes: * Hen Decoy * Ground Breaker Decoy Stake Click for details & product rating...
Price: $34.99
Renzo's Decoys Jake / Tom Turkey Decoy Product ID : W127
Instantly Set-up a Flock and Let the Action Begin. JAKE/TOM TURKEY DECOY. Use a clip, rope or a wire to hang one or more of RENZO’s Turkey Decoys from your hip, back-pack, belt, etc. Decoys also slip easily into hunt vest if you prefer. Now this is LIGHTWEIGHT. Features: WATERPROOF - USE IN RAIN OR SNOW. DURABLE PLASTIC CONSTRUCTION. FOLD UP DURING TRANSPORT. COMPACT. ULTRA LIGHT. EXTREME DURABILITY. INSTANT SET-UP. USE THEM OVER AND OVER AND OVER. MADE IN THE USA! Click for details & product rating...
Price: $16.39

3 Item(s) Page 1 of 1 | 1

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