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Cass Creek Electronic Gobbler Game Call & Training Device Product ID : 877
Now the novice, as well as the advanced outdoorsman can use the right call at the right time. Cass Creek Game Calls|| has captured wild game recordings all in a single hand-held device. Outdoor enthusiasts such as hunters, photographers, hikers, and nature lovers will find the product very useful. Has the following 5 sounds: 1. Spring Yelp (A high pitched series of yelps to call the gobbler to mate), 2. Purr (Soft subtle call of a contented hen used to convince the gobbler those last few yards), 3. Tree Yelp / Fly Down (Soft mourning wake up yelps accompanied by real wing beats as the hen leaves the roost), 4. Fightin Purr (Aggressive / aggitated hens spar for dominance, often triggers a hung up gobbler to come in), and 5. Jake Gobble (The sounds of an immature gobbler challenges the dominant Tom). Features: External speaker / head phone port, true sound recordings, operates on 3 AAA batteries (included), natural bark camouflage finish, convenient belt clip or strap clip, on/off dial volume control, "Sure-hold" rubberized grip, lightweight - easy to carry, water resistant, easy to operate push button sound activation with overlap/interrupt, one finger selection allows for in... Click for details & product rating...
Price: $29.99
Quaker Boy Cyclone Waterproof Pushpin Box Call Product ID : 13607
The easiest, most productive call just got better. The Cyclone pushpin will operate under any hunting conditions. Rainy, no problem - the Cyclone is waterproof Windy, no problem - the Cyclone has volume adjust Dead still, no problem -the Cyclone has a mistake-free clucker button This call requires NO chalk and should NOT be sanded. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $24.99
Quaker Boy The Curve Boatpaddle Product ID : 13645
What makes the new Curved Lid Boatpaddle so revolutionary? 1. Ease of use- Simply close the paddle from either side of the box using the weight of the paddle alone and a perfect yelp will result every time. No more tipping or turning the paddle or manipulating the call the find the sweet spot. The Patent pending Curved Lid stays horizontal and slides across the side wall like a guide, automatically producing a yelp every time. It is unbelievable. 2. Greater Length of contact and engagement area. Because of the patent pending curved lid design, the contact area between it and box is elongated by almost three times that of a straight lid. It acts as a guiding rail that forces the call to yelp when it is closed. This increased length of contact between paddle and box reproduce a fuller, more realistic, higher quality turkey vocalization that is near full proof. Whether novice or expert, this new Curved Lid Boat Paddle will be the most effective call you’ll ever use. 3. The lid is crafted of Furniture Grade Mahogany and is precision cut to match the hand selected Butternut bottom. This contrast in wood designed and crafted to precision specifications results in the ultimate... Click for details & product rating...
Price: $38.99
Woods Wise Replicator Digital Deer & Turkey Call with 10 Sounds Product ID : WW1001
Dynamite Sound in a Small Package. About the size of a mobile/CB radio microphone, this unit is easily twice as loud as the other mini digital callers on the market. The Replicator Predator Call is a compact, hand held, unit combining ten of the most common and realistic calls you will ever hear. At the push of a button, it faithfully reproduces vocalizations that span all hunting seasons. This unit uses a 3-way switch to activate the unit and select between modes. The selection of one mode de-activates the other mode preventing accidental calls. This Predator Call allows the hunter to choose between 2 volume settings with a 2-way switch. These are the 10 Included Digital Deer and Turkey Sounds: 1) Dominant Grunt: The sound made by rutting bucks, of all sizes, while actively pursuing does. 2) Social Grunt: The sound used by bucks and does throughout the course of their daily activities. 3) Tending Grunt: The sound produced by rutting bucks just prior to breeding receptive does in their estrus cycle. 4) Estrus Doe: The sound made by does that anounces, to rutting bucks, they have entered the estrus cycle and are receptive to breeding. 5) Fawn Bleat: This call is made by a... Click for details & product rating...
Price: $15.89
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Murry Burnham Crow Call Product ID : C-50B
Guaranteed to dupe even the smartest crow. Walnut barrel, cherry tip. Imitates adult and young crow. Easy to use. C-50. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $12.95
Murry Burnham Hawk Call Product ID : H-10B
Walnut barrel, cherry tip. Effective to call hawks and crows. Also effective to freeze quail or pheasants. Use in conjuntion with crow call to imitate a crow and hawk fight. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $12.95
Top Calls Owl Call with Lanyard Product ID : 350B
Item No. 350 - Owl Call - The Owl Call is made from a durable plastic with a reed on the inside of the call. A small baffle on the end of the call helps make the true sound of the barred owl. The owl call is a great locator for gobblers in the spring. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $12.95
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Top Calls Walnut Push Button Box Call Product ID : 200
Item No. 200 - Walnut Push Button Box Call - The Push Button Box Call is made from pure walnut. This call reproduces the sounds of the wild turkey with a clear to raspy tone. This call is great for beginners because with just a push of your finger, you'll be creating perfect yelps and clucks every time. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $8.95
Tree Top Turkeys Volume One Instructional Audio CD Product ID : 2122
This CD is the perfect tool for turkey hunters wanting to hear the real calls of the wild turkey as they interact and communicate with each other. By listening to and practicing flock talk, you will gain confidence and greatly improve your chances of bagging that spring gobbler. Unlike other recordings, Tree Top Turkeys allows the listener to focus on the many individual turkeys and note the differences in sounds, tonal qualities and cadence. The calls, flock talk, and behaviors of 100% real wild turkeys digitally captured in the wild. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $9.95
Knight & Hale Fighting Purr System® Turkey Calls Product ID : KH126
Create your own fight. It is against the nature of a gobbler to come to a hen, but it is in his nature to come to a fight. The aggressive purrs that are created with this Turkey_Calls set are so effective that it will make turkeys three years old and older come into gun range. What makes this set unique is that each box will make a different pitch sound. Non-gobbling turkeys will gobble back immediately. Call-shy & smart gobblers will come running & gobbling. Instructional tape is included. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $15.40
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Knight & Hale Total eCall with Remote TURKEY Product ID : KH970-T
The Total E-Call electronic game call kit comes with the Total E-Call, the Total E-Call Remote, one Total E-Call Sound Cartridge and one Total E-Call carrying case that will allow you to carry all three of the sound cartridges after you buy them all. KIT NOTES: The Total E-Call electronic game call brings you the ability to manipulate the game sounds you most want to hear through it scrolling menu, multi-pay mode, repeat mode and ramp modes. Customize the performance to suit your needs and remember that this electronic game call can also be adpated into either a deer or predator call by simply switching out the sound cartridges availalbe as a separate items from Knight & Hale Game Calls. (This model number comes with the Knight & Hale Total E-Call Turkey Sound Cartridge. The sounds on this sound cartridge are remarkable and can be used when training with your turkey calls to produce the kee kee run, the purr, the gobble and a whole lot more. Also, after checking with your local game authorities it may be used to lure in that big tom you've been seeking. Again, the team at Knight & Hale recommends that you check with your local game officials in regard to the legality of using... Click for details & product rating...
Price: $76.99
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Phantom Pro-Series Digital TURKEY GOBBLER Calling System with Wireless Remote Control Product ID : WR-330
This all new 16 Bit Phantom Pro-Series Wireless Digital Calling System is all you need to call in Spring or Fall Gobblers and Hens. If you purchase additional sound modules (modules available below), the unit can be used to hunt other types of game including whitetail deer, turkey gobbler, moose, elk, bear or goose calling system. Since these units have 3 wireless channels, you can hunt in close proximity to others on separate channels or use multiple receiver/speaker set ups! Features: Wireless remote - 200 yard range, 16 functions, 3 channels New 16 bit processor for increased sound quality Operates up to 16 hours @ 126db on 4 AA batteries LED for power on and low battery condition Cold weather operation rated for -40 degrees F Plays 2 sounds simultaneously (Patent pending) Tactile feel takes guesswork out of call selection Uses interchangeable sound modules so you can switch species Comes with 12 sounds - total of 84 sounds available on 7 modules Detachable belt clip to clip unit to your belt or with speaker Removable custom covers similar to cell phone covers that labels each sound to each button Included Sounds: Crow Owl Gobble Yelps Raspy Yelps Cluck... Click for details & product rating...
Price: $383.32
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Advanced Decoy Research Gibson Crow Call Product ID : 00006
The Gibson Crow Call is made by a master and allows you to play like a master. This call is handmade and hand-tuned to perfectly reproduce the communication calls of the crow. It takes a minimum amount of air and yet provides unbelievable volume to reach those crows on the next farm. If you take crow hunting seriously, and strive to master the art of crow calling with a mouth call, the Gibson Crow Call is the last call you'll ever buy. None can compare...or even get close! Try a Gibson. You'll be smilin' after the first stand. We promise! Click for details & product rating...
Price: $29.99
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Advanced Decoy Research Instructional Tape for All Call & Gibson Crow Call Product ID : 00007
Instructional audio cassette for the Advanced Decoy Research Gibson Crow Call, and also for the All Call Predator Call. Many types of crow calling, distress, and coyote calling sequences are demonstrated. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $3.99
BOSS Outfitter BOSS SUV Turkey Tool Product ID : BOSV
The BOSS SUV performs seven functions and fits in the palm of your hand. It lights your way with a mag-style flashlight (not included). It weighs your bird with a 32-lbs weight scale and measures it’s beard and spurs with its 39" tape measure. No more excuses for unsigned tags with the BOSS SUV detachable ball point ink pen. Also has the N.W.T.F. Turkey scoring formula printed on the back of the tape. The carrying strap and dual-position handle takes the pain out of hauling your bird out too! Also included is a gut-hook. No more rattling, hard to find or lost tools. The BOSS SUV is getting rave reviews from our prostaff and hunters. The BOSSsuv has been featured in television shows such as “Gobblin Fever” & “The Hunters Journal” and the Outdoor Channel. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $19.99
Cass Creek Game Call Speaker Product ID : 082
Now the outdoorsman can amplify any Cass Creek Game Call and Training Device extending its game calling range. Lure in game from even greater distances. (check your local game laws for legal use.) Features include Lanyard attachment lip, easy to carry lightweight pocket size, Natural bark camouflage etched finish - blends into natural environment, single hand directional calling, 25' cord separates caller from sound source, powerful amplified speaker multiplies animal calls with separate power source, lanyard for quick treee and shrub attachment, 3' cord for in close calling, mini cord jack, On/off switch, Operates on 4 AA batteries (batteries required). Click for details & product rating...
Price: $19.99
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Desert Trail Calls Barred Owl Calls CD Product ID : DT155
Digitally Mastered Barred Owl Sounds. Ideal for calling owls and also for locating turkeys. Plays in any audio CD players.

76 Minutes 15 Seconds Click for details & product rating...
Price: $8.99
Devastator Calls "Spoody-Hoo-Dad" Turkey Call Product ID : DSHD
The Spoody-Hoo-Dad is a 3 Reed inverted V style all but with some unique modifications to the wings of the latex. It also features our new Grey Latex which offers ease of use and great sounds that until now you only heard from the Pro's. This call is all the rage in the calling contests! Click for details & product rating...
Price: $5.96
Devastator Calls Bat Wing Product ID : DBW
The Bat Wing features our boldest cut yet. 3 Reed with our new bat wing cuts gives unbelievable range and cuts that will knock your socks off. Our contest callers are crazy about this call. It is great! Click for details & product rating...
Price: $5.96
Devastator Game Calls Barred Owl EZ Hooter Product ID : DOH
This call is perfect for early morning locating, producing laughs, rolls, and of course Hooting sounds. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $8.96
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Devastator Game Calls Super 2 Mouth Product ID : DS2
The Devastator Calls Super 2 mouth call is a Two Reed Small Frame call that is really great for Kee-Kee's and clean yelps. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $3.36
Devastator Game Calls Super 4 Mouth Product ID : DS4
The Devastator Calls Super 4 mouth call is a Four Reed Inverted V-Cut for awesome raspy yelps, purrs, and cutting. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $3.96
Devastator Game Calls Sweet Talker Aluminum Product ID : DST-A
The SWEET TALKER is a quality friction call, made from high resolution plastic to produce the best possible sounds. This call is durable and comfortable and easily produces the sounds made by the wild turkey. The Aluminum surface produces unique sounds for sweet purrs, and raspy yelps. The ability to repel moisture makes it the perfect surface for rainy day hunting. Comes complete with an all-weather striker. Devastator Game Calls are GameCalls.net's pick for best quality game calls at the lowest prices. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $11.96
Devastator Game Calls Wild Thang Product ID : DWT
The Wild Thang is a 3 Reed with a custom c-cut to produce some of the best sounds you will ever hear! Click for details & product rating...
Price: $3.96
Devastator Game Calls Youth Double Product ID : DYD
Youth double turkey diaphragm call. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $3.36
Devastator Old Master Field Grade Box Call Product ID : DOM
This Box Call is crafted to give an authentic yawk that you just don’t hear in today’s mass market calls. Box calls are excellent for locating and calling on windy days. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $26.96
Dick Kirby's Quaker Boy Grand Slam Favorites Product ID : 11300
Four quality handcrafted calls picked by Dick as his favorites. Convenient carrying case. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $14.95
Faulk's Crow Call - Zebrawood Product ID : C-50Z
Zebrawood barrel and tip. Excellent tone for adult crows. Apply slight pressure on tips to get the tone of young crows. With instructions. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $17.29
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Faulk's Hawk Call Product ID : H-10
Walnut barrel, cherry tip. Effective to call hawks and crows. Also used to freeze quail. With instructions. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $13.99
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Faulk's Turkey (Box) Product ID : T-40
Fine crafted box-striker type turkey call complete with striker, chalk and detailed instructions. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $13.99

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