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Pee Willie Wick Magnum Scent Dispenser Product ID : PWW-101
"Get the most bucks for your scents". The Most Effective Scent Dispenser Ever Developed. The Pee Willie Wick Magnum has more surface exposure area than any other scent dispenser made. Has a 24" long 3/4" wide 100% braided cotton wick and also has an attached string and alligator clip so you can hang it from a limb. Easy dispensing by turning the knob to expose and lock the wick. Has 6 O-Rings to prevent leaking. Comes with an unbreakable 2 ounce plastic container to put your scent into. Since it retracts into the leak-proof plastic container, you can use the same scent throughout the season which saves you money. Recommended for upwind and downwind use from the stand. Lifetime warranty from manufacturer. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $15.95
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Wildlife Research Center Active-Scrape Product ID : 240
Full Spectrum Scrape Scent For Use in Real and Mock Scrapes. ACTIVE SCRAPE is a blend of buck in rut urine combined with doe in heat urine, natural and the real thing. The smell of a strange buck in his territory ENRAGES THE DOMINANT BUCK while the smell of a doe SEXUALLY AROUSES HIM. Scrape hunting: the best way to hunt bucks. THE HOTTEST SCENT YOU CAN USE AT A SCRAPE! 1 oz Amber glass bottle. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $5.99
Wildlife Research Center Ultimate Scrape Dipper Product ID : 380
This patented dripper is the deadliest method known to keep a scrape fresh and working. The ULTIMATE SCRAPE-DRIPPER drips your lure only during the day to make sure the buck works the scrape during the day. Activated solely through the rising temperature, this unique unit tells the buck that a doe came by during the day. Unit also shuts off at night or during rain when temperatures are not rising. This allows the user to pattern the buck. Will operate about a week on 1 oz. of scent. Effective on both natural and mock scrapes. Scent not included. Protected under the following U.S. patents: 5,220,741 - 5,279,062 & 5,361,527. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $12.99

3 Item(s) Page 1 of 1 | 1

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