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Drury Outdoors Bulls & Bucks 4 DVD Product ID : 207DVD
Peanut Butter & jelly. Bacon & eggs. Each will stand alone, but once combined, they can't be seperated. The same is true with our newest release "Bulls & Bucks 4". Once we started this unique series, our hunting lives altered greatly. Now we've unified five different species, all on one video! You'll watch in amazement as:

* Jay Gregory and three other team members head to Quebec on a wild caribou adventure. Although we missed the migration, there were enough bulls around to stalk.
* We head to Crawford, Colorado in search of mule deer. The Saddle Mountain Ranch has to be one of the hottest mule deer spots around.
* Jay Gregory and Mac Lee try to beat the heat and catch some thirsty antelope on a Wyoming early season hunt.
* Ryan Beckmann harvests a 4 1/2 year old whitetail with only six points on his head.

With 15 kills ranging from Quebec to the Midwest, this video is intended to please. So sit back, relax, and prepare to indulge in our newest combination.

DVD Video Format Click for details & product rating...
Price: $14.99
Drury Outdoors Predator Madness DVD Product ID : 092DVD
There are a lot more hunters in the woods these days – both man and beast. Coyote populations have boomed to all-time highs and so has the popularity of pursuing these predators. To put the drop on an animal with survival skills honed to the extreme, you have to sharpen your own. You have to leave behind passive hunting methods. You have to pull rank and step up to the role of dominant predator. Think you’re up to it? Join the Drury Outdoors pack as we prowl through two countries and across seven states to bring you more than 20 hunts. Watch as we stand at the top of the food chain and give it a big old yank using every means possible from DOGS to TRAPS to CALLS to HELICOPTERS to 4X4s. It’s pure predator madness as we take this production outside the norm. Not all methods presented are our choice or style, but they are real in the world of predator pursuit. Drury Outdoors … Our Videos Are Different. (This one’s way different!)

DVD Video Format Click for details & product rating...
Price: $14.99
Drury Outdoors The Big Game 5 DVD Product ID : 205DVD
Step out of your usual hunting spot and step into adventure with another exciting chapter of the Big Game series. Fly along with the Drury Team as they jet across North America to connect on the most exotic game the Northern Hemisphere has to offer. Giant elk in New Mexico, muleys in Montana and Colorado, pronghorn in Wyoming and Montana, whitetails in Texas, Wyoming and Montana - there's more, including plenty of bear action, as well as nilgai in Texas. It's a die-hard's fantasy vacation, and you're invited.

Mark Drury's first day in Colorado was filled with ups and downs across the plains and ended with a huge 170" muley hitting the dirt. Join Jason Irish's father Steve as he connects with antelope in Big Sky Country. There's also a whitetail rut hunt in Texas you won't want to miss.

Anyone who longs to see and hunt new places will love this latest addition to our Big Game series. Head west, east, north and south with our pros and start planning your next adventure. You're not getting any younger!

DVD Video Format - Over 2 and a half hours Click for details & product rating...
Price: $14.99
Drury Outdoors Whitetail Madness 9 DVD Product ID : 203DVD
It's been called passion, obsession, dedication, and a whole bunch of other things, but we just call it Madness. Love of big whitetails keeps us hustling crazy from the annual shed-hunting trip in March till the bitter-cold ending after Christmas, and you get to watch it all. Whitetail Madness 9 ® is a year in the life of hardcore deer addicts. As always, the ride is marked by sharp highs and lows with some absolutely amazing whitetail scenery along the way.

Speaking of ups and downs, this year's footage highlights Terry's streaks of luck that ran hot and all but froze cold at times. Tune-in for the elder Drury's intense saga to fill a tag that finally ends in early December. You'll also see five major league baseball players get their game on in the Illinois deer woods on a fun- and action-filled hunt.

After this trip around the sun, we had so much outstanding film, we had to add a 15-minute bonus section of deleted scenes, including Joe Schults' almost unbelievable 140" doe kill.

So settle back on your haunches and don't expect to relax for long. The sickness spreads and gets stronger every year.

DVD Video Format Click for details & product rating...
Price: $14.99
Drury Outdoors Whitetail Obsession 6 DVD Product ID : 208DVD
To Whom It May Concern:

Whitetail Obsession 6, our latest edition in the whitetail series, needs a disclaimer. Un-leashing this video to the general public without a warning would be a recipe for disaster. The label on this video should read:


For all intents and purposes, Whitetail Obsession 6 contains everything the avid deer hunter craves.
Viewers will witness:

* Pro staff duo, Clifford & Jake, double up in Illinois. This might be one of the best doubles ever captured on video.
* Our newest team members, Sam & Kent, as they hunt the "Show-Me State" and show everybody how to harvest a couple of bruisers.
* Team members, Mac and Ryan, as they travel to Western Kansas for an archery hunt. Four days, two bucks, one happy trip.
* Tammi heads to the Diamond Springs Ranch in Kansas and harvests her largest buck ever.
* Jay undergoes a three year quest for a specific buck. Observing this saga's conclusion will make any hunter smile.

This... Click for details & product rating...
Price: $14.99
E.L.K., Inc. Bustin' Coyotes DVD Product ID : XBC
If you enjoy hunting and calling coyotes this is the 50 minute video to watch. Filmed in Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota. Learning some simple tricks and making the right sounds will improve your odds tremendously. The callers shown in the video hunt coyotes year around and they are good! Sportsmen and women need to help in controlling the coyote explosion taking. (DVD Video Format). Click for details & product rating...
Price: $21.95
E.L.K., Inc. Coyote Action DVD Product ID : XCA
Predator control is a never ending battle for ranchers, big game managers, bird farms, bird populations and urban areas. If coyote numbers are not kept under control they can cause havoc with everything they pursue. The sportsmen can be a key element in keeping coyote populations in check. Most states allow year-round hunting of coyotes. This gives the hunter an opportunity to test his skills as well as controlling the ever expanding coyotes populations. "Coyote Action" is about calling coyotes during the spring, summer and fall. The new "Yote Howler" and "Mini-Siren" became a very effective combination. In some areas we hunted with out coyotes dogs and they became an integral part of the call-ins. Howling and using a squeaker is a deadly system for callers as you will see in "Coyote Action". Filmed in Montana and Wyoming. DVD Video Format. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $21.95
E.L.K., Inc. Western Deer Hunting DVD Product ID : XWD
Hunting western whitetail and mule deer can take place in the mountains, the river bottoms or the sagebrush hills and flats. Millions of acres are available for hunting by residents and non-residents. “Western Deer Hunting” includes seven successful deer hunts and two successful antelope hunts. The hunts in Montana were on public land and Block Management land. The Wyoming hunts were under outfitter supervision. There are approximately 8 ½ million acres of ranch land in the state of Montana under the free Block Management Hunting Program. The video will show you how to understand and take part in this program. (DVD Video Format - 60 minutes). Click for details & product rating...
Price: $21.95
H.S. Calls Primetime Bucks 10 DVD Product ID : 20096
In the 10th installment of this popular series, the H.S. Pro Staff shows you how to outwit big bucks from around the country.

Primetime Bucks 10 features some big deer, including country singer Craig Morgan's 190-3/8" buck in Illinois, and a buck that scored 183" for Eddie Salter in Iowa. This DVD also includes hunts in Kansas, Missouri and Wyoming with Pro Staffers Alex Rutledge, Matt Morrett and Rick White.

You will also learn plenty of tips and tactics as the H.S. Pros share their secrets for taking mature bucks. Each 3-hour DVD includes a Primetime sticker. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $14.95
H.S. Strut Cutt'n & Strutt'n 7 Volume 1 & 2 DVD Product ID : 20078
23 exciting turkey hunts! Join Matt Morrett, Rick White, Alex Rutledge, Eddie Salter, Pat Reeve, JR Keller, Barnie Calef, JR Edge, Tom Stuckey & Lance Tangen as they travel the country chasing tough gobblers. H.S. Pro Rick White completes his first single season Grand Slam with an Osceola in Florida, a Rio Grande in Texas, a Merriam in Nebraska and an Eastern in Minnesota. Featuring 3 bow hunts, 5 black powder hunts and 15 shotgun hunts, this 2 disc set brings a nation-wide tukey season into your living room. 180 minutes (3 hours) on 2 DVDs! Click for details & product rating...
Price: $12.99
Haydel's on Waterfowl Vol. 4 "Unplugged 2" DVD Product ID : HW4
Wild Waterfowl Action! See and experience fast paced hunting action that everyone likes to see but trill to the classic hunt footage of birds working calls. This is a “Hunters Video”! Learn the language as you watch birds toll to the calls of the pros. From Mallards and Pintail to Canada Geese - travel all 4 flyways in pursuit of the best waterfowl action ever! We have even thrown in some bonus classic hunts from the past you won’t want to miss. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $14.95
Haydel's Waterfowl Workshop DVD Product ID : DVD-V2
A complete instruction video covering all species of ducks and geese; Rod and Eli teach the proper way to hold and blow each call then take you on a hunt to show you how to apply these techniques in the field. DVD video format. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $14.95
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Hunting Rocky Mtn Mule Deer / Supreme Challenge DVD Product ID : SW9031
2 Videos on 1 DVD! Veteran bowhunter Mike Lapinski experiences both the frustrations and joys of stalking to within 20 yards of a trophy class mule deer buck in open country. Watch Dwight Schuh harvest a 197" Muley buck. The second feature on this DVD is instructional and teaches you how and where to hunt mule deer in the Rocky Mountains. Dwight and guide George Bettas demonstrate field techniques in a variety of hunting situations.

DVD Video Format Click for details & product rating...
Price: $12.99
Jay Nistetter Coyote Behavior DVD Product ID : JN01
Watch over 30 animals being called in close! This is a fun and educational look into coyote behavior as seen through the eyes of Jay Nistetter. Jay has been successfully calling coyotes for 35 years. His unique approach and insight to calling coyotes is thoroughly and easily explained to help those wishing to become more successful whether hunting with a camera or firearm. Running time approximately 83 minutes.

DVD Video Format. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $19.95
Jim Shockey's Monster Mulies DVD Product ID : SW9066
The unbelivable monster mule deer buck footage contained on this DVD is a "must see" for any hunter who loves big bucks! Journey with Jim Shockey and his team to what is arguable the bery best monster mule deer buck country in North America, Canada, home of the world record non-typical mule deer

Join in the hunt for five Bocne and Crockett class bucks, including one of the largest mule deer ever taken on camera by a muzzleloader hunter! Slip in on monster mulies to within yards in the wide open prairie. Be amazed at the number of giant mule deer bucks on this DVD.

Produced in association with Stoney-Wolf and Jim Shockey, this production is the result of five hears of filming by Jim's cameraman, world renowned videoographer and mule deer hunting expert, Cody Robbins.

You don't want to miss this spectacular Monster Mulie presentation!

9 Unbelievable Hunts. 226 B&C Buck taken on camera

DVD Video Format - 74 Minutes Click for details & product rating...
Price: $14.99
K&H Ultimate Spring XII 2 DVD Set Product ID : KH1136D
Harold Knight says it was the most exciting turkey season in his 50 years of hunting! David Hale says he's never seen more longbeard action, and Gobblers Gone Wild captured it all. Harold, David and various Knight & Hale Pro Staff take you on 20 hunts across the country on this two-DVD set.

DVD Video Format Click for details & product rating...
Price: $14.60
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Lohman Predator Challenge III Open Season DVD Product ID : DVD-230
The season is open! The Lohman Pro Staff are still at it, challenging predators across the Midwest. With deer and turkey numbers at all time highs and fur prices continually low, predators are on the rise. Join Tad Brown, Bob Ott and the rest of the predator crew as the prove there is no magical secret to calling predators.

Watch as the Pro Staff showcase the NEW Circe Open Season Predator Call. Although the staff targets the Midwest in this production, Tad and Bob do slip off to join old friend, Ronnie Brown on a Texas Panhandle rendezvous. Hunting the overgrown plains of yesteryear, they'll show you the importance of the shotgun as well as the rifle along with the T/C Encore with interchangeable barrels. These boys are taking down coyotes at incredible ranges using the Super Max chokes and Hevi-Shot Dead Coyte T's and 00 Buckshot.

Join the Pro Staff in Kansas where they have to pass on a once in a lifetime Bobcat. Abiding by the rules, they let this unusually colored cat walk away untouched, hopefully to be challenged another day. The Pro Staff also plays host along with the Lazy D Ranch in Kansas to the Predator Hunting Sweepstakes from the... Click for details & product rating...
Price: $13.95
Mark Zepp Callin' Coyotes DVD Product ID : MZCD
From his boyhood days in Warsaw, OH to his current life in Tucson, AZ, Mark Zepp has looked at thousands of coyotes in his lifetime. Join Mark, good friends Dan Thompson (approaching 5,000 coyotes in his calling career), Eddie Hawkins (100 coyotes/year), John Frohling (Trapper, snare man, caller deluxe), John-Henry Piotrowski (Founder of Coyote Gods) and others as they call in coyotes, bobcats and fox using various brands of electronic and hand game calls. Featuring 2 hours of fun, 45 Kills. DVD format video. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $19.99
Penn's Woods "Successful Spring Turkey Calling" Instructional DVD Product ID : 2044
In this video you will receive in depth calling instruction from various members and hosts of the "Hunting With Penn's Woods" team. These experts will tell you what each call means, when to use them and how to make these vocalizations on the various calls on the market today. You will also learn from the greatest teacher ever...the live hen. You will see close encounters with various hens as they "talk the talk." Watch and listen to their rhythm and cadence ot learn how to become a more proficient turkey caller. In this video you will also see 3 excellent hunts where calling to gobblers with hens proved to be very successful for the Penn's Woods team. DVD format video. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $16.99
Predator Hunters Winter Magic DVD Product ID : 00271
Winter Magic; Predator hunting EAST and WEST!

There's a magic that comes over you when a predator comes at you across a sea of white. It makes your heart pound, your blood pressure rise, and there's a flutter in your stomach. We know the feeling well, and it's why we chose "Winter Magic" as the title for this video.

Predator Hunters: Winter Magic captures 22 exciting hunts for coyotes and red fox using both calling and spot & stalk sniping techniques. Join hosts John Summerfield and Pat Cameron as they unlock the secrets of successful eastern predator hunting in 11 hunts in the frozen mixed farmland & woodlands of the East, and thrill you with 11 classic hunts in the snowbound terrain west of the Mississippi. In addition, there is a separate tips & techniques section featuring valuable insights for hunting predators on both sides of the continent. Regardless of where you live and hunt predators, this video's variety of locations, species and hunting techniques is sure to satisfy. DVD (NTSC). Total running time: 107 minutes.

DVD Video Format. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $14.95
Predator Obsession DVD Product ID : P01
Come along as the Predator Obsession team travels across Oklahoma and Texas hunting some very diverse terrain. Learn tips on scouting, setup, use of decoys for calling bobcats and coyotes. Tips on hunting in tight cover where the action is fast and in your face. How to properly skin a coyote once you put them on the ground. All predators called using Wildlife Technologies electronic caller.

30 coyote hunts, 8 bobcat hunts, also hog, javelina, and prairie dog hunting.
Compare GameCalls.net's price to our competitors who are charging $19.95 for this DVD!

DVD Video Format. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $18.95
Predator Pursuit 3 DVD Product ID : TPP3
Contains 37 Breathtaking Predator Hunts!! Experience the RUSH as you join Todd Woodall and Jeff Thomason on 37 adventurous hunting trips across Texas and Arizona. With their tips on day and night hunting, coyote behavior and product selection, you are sure to learn techniques that will make you more successful.

Laugh along with the guys when things go "south" and watch their record-breaking hit-and-miss encounter with one lucky coyote. If you like fast action and good clean fun this video is for you.

Run time is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.

DVD Video Format Click for details & product rating...
Price: $19.95
Predator Pursuit 4 DVD Product ID : TPP4
Come join Jeff and Todd on 3 dozen of the best Day and Night hunts ever filmed. Including an industry first- by taking several predators with a BOW at night! Once again they have filled this video with Tips and Tactics that are sure to help you put more fur on the ground this winter. Coupled with a hilarious blooper section, this video is another must have! DVD Video Format - 36 Hunts Click for details & product rating...
Price: $19.95
Predator Quest - Raining Snows and Blues DVD Product ID : PQ02
Get behind the cow decoy and join Les Johnson and friends as they jump shoot snows and blues in the cornfields of central Nebraska. You’ll be amazed at the sheer mass of birds that blot out the sky when the shooting begins. It’s hard to fathom the devastating impact upon delicate nesting grounds in the Arctic, until you see tens of thousands of geese dropping from the sky to feed along their northern migration route. Johnson teaches the technique that makes it look easy, because it is. Get in on the fun and action, and you’ll never let another snow goose season go by! Watch as a total of 7 attempts result in over 300 birds being taken!

Predator Quest Coyote Calling preview included!

Running Time: Approx. 60 minutes

DVD video format. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $14.95
Primos BowHunter's Pak Product ID : 746
If you like bowhunting (and you probably do if you are reading this), then this is the pack for you. This pack has everything a bowhunter needs. A video to get you fired up about going, calls to bring in the bucks, and a wind checker to let you know where to set-up.


* RubberNeck™
* Wind Checker™
* THE Lil' CAN®
* The TRUTH® 1 BowHunting DVD Click for details & product rating...
Price: $34.99
Primos Mastering the Art Deer Pak Product ID : 753
Learn to Master the Art® of Deer Hunting. There is so much to learn about deer hunting that it can't be covered in one video. We narrowed our focus to hone in on the things that have proven to be the most significant in upping the odds for success. You'll learn tactics on Team Primos'® most powerful tool - how to call deer up close. We teach by example, as we lay out for you what we are doing on each hunt. This video has foundation skills for beginners and new techniques for veteran hunters.


* Still Grunter™
* Mastering The Art® Guide to Calling Deer DVD Click for details & product rating...
Price: $14.79
Primos Mastering The Art® Guide To Calling Deer DVD Product ID : 44311
Learn to Master The Art® of calling in deer. There is so much to learn about deer hunting that it can't be covered in one video. You'll learn tactics from Team Primos® on how to call deer up close. We teach people by example, as we lay out for you what we are doing on each hunt. This video has fundamental skills for beginners and new techniques for veteran hunters.


* 4 Hunts
* 4 Lessons on how to master the fawn ball, grunt, CAN® and rattling calls

Special Features

* Fawn Ball Footage
* Late Season Tactics
* BowHunter's Vest™ and Safety Belt Click for details & product rating...
Price: $9.99
Primos Mastering The Art® Guide To Calling Predators DVD Product ID : 44111
Mastering The Art® of the coyote language is easy when you have a good teacher. Randy Anderson will show you step-by-step how to bring those coyotes on in. Randy shares his unique system of howling in coyotes as well as more commonly used tactics such as using distress calls. To become a master, you must have a mentor. We’ve found a good one for you in Randy Anderson. So, join Randy Anderson along with Team Primos® as we teach you how to Master The Art® of predator hunting. This DVD covers in detail how to use all 4 of Randy's new calls, the Hot Dog, the Double Whammy, Lil Dog and the Ki-Yi. Also includes detailed instructions on how to properly set up, how to make distress calls, how to make female invitiation howls, coyote howls, as well as how to master challenge and serenade howling.


10 Hunts
6 Lessons on how to master setting up, distress calls, coyote howls, female invitation howls, challenge & distress howls, & serenade howls. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $9.99
Click to view
Primos The Truth 15 Freaked Out Turkey DVD Product ID : 4944
Three hours and 28 hunts from MS, FL, TX, KS, IA, MO, IL, WY, SD, IN, to NM. You will see first hand the beauty and exitement that spring turkey hunting has to offer. When turkey hunting gets in you blood, it causes short nights and a burning desire to see daylight each morning in hopes of hearing a gobbler responding to your calls. We guarantee 100% Fair Chase hunting and you will see what happens when a gobbler hears the sounds of the Freaksup>™. DVD video format. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $12.95
Primos The Truth 2 Calling All Coyotes w/Randy Anderson DVD Product ID : 41021
Join Randy Anderson and friends as they bring you three hours of action packed coyote hunting with 65 kills. You'll see Randy Anderson, the one-man coyote-calling band, has not let any dust build up on his calls since The TRUTH® 1. It's hard to believe he got this much hunting done in a year's time. The TRUTH® 2 Calling All Coyotes™ is Randy's best calling video to date. All footage is brand new. Bonus footage of Randy Anderson calling up a bear in Canada. This all new DVD will not only entertain you for hours, but will increase your knowledge as a predator hunter. 3 hours DVD video format with 65 kills. Features: 65 Kills 3 Hours Bonus Footage Click for details & product rating...
Price: $14.99
Click to view

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