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Call Em In - Dreaming of Predators DVD Product ID : 00328
45 Hunts - Bows - Shotguns - Rifles
Join some experienced predator hunters as they pursue coyotes, bobcats, & foxes on public open ground in the Southwest. See animals taken in the fall, winter & spring; From point blank range all the way out to 400 yards.

Watch hunting footage from two different predator contests. During one of these contests we harvest two coyotes with one shot, which helps us go on to take top honors!

We use both distress & predator sounds from electronic calls, hand calls & custom made hand calls. Throughout this video, we will show you coyotes vocalizing & reacting to coyote sounds & distress sounds. We also will show you 11 different bobcats & give you some advice on how to Call Em In.

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Price: $14.99
Predator Hunters Winter Magic DVD Product ID : 00271
Winter Magic; Predator hunting EAST and WEST!

There's a magic that comes over you when a predator comes at you across a sea of white. It makes your heart pound, your blood pressure rise, and there's a flutter in your stomach. We know the feeling well, and it's why we chose "Winter Magic" as the title for this video.

Predator Hunters: Winter Magic captures 22 exciting hunts for coyotes and red fox using both calling and spot & stalk sniping techniques. Join hosts John Summerfield and Pat Cameron as they unlock the secrets of successful eastern predator hunting in 11 hunts in the frozen mixed farmland & woodlands of the East, and thrill you with 11 classic hunts in the snowbound terrain west of the Mississippi. In addition, there is a separate tips & techniques section featuring valuable insights for hunting predators on both sides of the continent. Regardless of where you live and hunt predators, this video's variety of locations, species and hunting techniques is sure to satisfy. DVD (NTSC). Total running time: 107 minutes.

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Price: $14.95
Primos The TRUTH® 3 Calling All Coyotes™ w/Randy Anderson DVD Product ID : 41031
If your ready for more non-stop coyote hunting with plenty of pointers on how you can howl them in yourself, look no further. The TRUTH® 3 Calling All Coyotes™ is jam packed with fast action predator hunts featuring the man renowned for Speaking the Coyotes Language, Randy Anderson. Watch as Randy calls in coyotes, bobcats, and foxes for his friends and for himself. With 65 kills, you will see plenty of action including a few misses. That's The TRUTH®! Click for details & product rating...
Price: $14.99
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3 Item(s) Page 1 of 1 | 1

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