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Randy Anderson Calling All Coyotes DVD Product ID : RA1D
See over 30 coyotes called in and shot with rifles, shotguns, handguns, muzzle loaders and bow. Learn Randy's howling and screaming sequences from 30 years of experience. All coyotes called in with hand calls and voice. No dogs or electronic callers used. Very instructional and action-packed! Filmed in North Central Nebraska. 2 hours - DVD format. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $19.95
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Randy Anderson Verminators Predator or Prey DVD Product ID : RA3D
Watch and learn, as Randy Anderson and Rick Paillet, along with their buddies, not only call in coyotes and fox, but bobcats too! Lots of bobcats! This 120 minute video is full of rare footage, unique hunting techniques and over 50 kills! Very instructional and action packed. If you alreadly own Randy's well known "Calling All Coyotes" video, you've learned some successful beginner level howling techniques. In this NEW video Randy takes you to the next level with personal in-depth howling secrets. You'll also see some truly amazing action packed footage captured through the lense of Rick's unique rifle mounted camera. 2 hours - DVD format. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $14.99
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Rocky Mtn Varmint Hunter Varmint Safari 2 DVD Product ID : RMVHVS2
The Most Fun You Can Have With a Rifle! Over 3 hours of hardcore varmint hunting are featured on this action packed DVD. The Varmint Safari crew, Tim and Dave, are at it again, doing what they do best. Wandering the Mountain West, calling coyotes, and hunting rock chucks, jack rabbits and prairie dogs. All of the hunts on Varmint Safari II are "self guided", public land hunts that are available to anyone. Just a couple of regular varmint hunters, out having as much fun with rifles as the law will allow and capturing it on video.

DVD Video Format. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $19.95
Rocky Mtn Varmint Hunter Varmint Safari 3 - When Pigs Fly! DVD Product ID : RMVHVS3
New for 2007 - An hour of Western Rock Chuck hunting action!
This DVD features self guided, public land rock chuck hunting at its finest! Hunts include a wide variety of terrain and hunting styles. From long range bench shooting, to "walk and pop" hunting above timberline. The air time and scenery are awesome!

60 Minutes - DVD Video Format. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $19.95
Rocky Mtn Varmint Hunter Varmint Safari DVD Product ID : RMVHVS1
Varmint Safari is two hours full of action packed varmint hunting excitement! Follow along as we go on prairie dog and rock chuck hunts. Go calling coyotes, and hunting jack rabbits. A full year in the making, filmed in Wyoming, Idaho, Utah and Nevada. Full of gorgeous scenery from the deserts and prairies to the mountain peaks. Featuring thirteen hunts in all, most on public land. Witness hundreds of spectacular kills, from 50 yards to over 500 yards, from the bench and off hand, running and sitting varmints. All captured in stunning digital quality. Learn about the rifles, gear and techniques used, as well as strategies for planning your own self guided public land western Varmint Safari.

DVD Video Format. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $19.95
Selecting, Understanding & Buying Pistol & Rifle Scopes DVD Product ID : 313DVD
Save $$ on your next Scope Purchase. Know the difference between Quality and Junk! Over 100 minutes of fast moving detailed information that will help you make an informed choice and save money by getting the most for your dollar. Numerous questions are answered such as: What is the best reticle type for you? What do you look for in construction and optics? How do you distinguish quality from junk - regardless of price? Dozens of models and types from various manufacturers are featured and explained. Includes proper mounting techniques. Save hundreds or thousands of dollars. Instructed by Darrell Holland.

DVD Video Format 1.5 Hours. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $49.99
Sierra Highpower Rifle Reloading DVD Product ID : R0020D
This video program is the most informative guide to highpower rifle reloading available featuring G. David Tubb, 7 time National Champion Rifle Shooter and experienced hunter, This program demonstrates everything you need to know to reload consistantly accurate highpower rifle ammunition. You'll learn from Tubb's 25 years of experience and see what equipment he uses, how to work with brass casings, neck trimming, neck turning, bullet spinning, bullet selection, powder selection, working with reloading manuals, testing your ammuntion and much more! Over 3 hours of advanced reloading skills that are guaranteed to improve your shooting! Click for details & product rating...
Price: $44.95
Smith Game Calls Barred Owling for Gobblers CD Product ID : 1341CD
Barred owling for gobblers with Carl Brown. 17 minutes 46 seconds total. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $13.99
Smith Game Calls Crow Calling Instructional CD Product ID : 1302CD
This instructional CD covers locating turkey with a crow call plus competition crow calling. 65 minutes 14 seconds total. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $13.99
Smith Game Calls Crow Calling With Owl Hoots CD Product ID : 1303CD
Distress cries of an adult crow with actual owl hoots. Also, few crows fighting with actual owl hoots. Total approximately 60 minutes. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $13.99
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Stock Refinishing Course on DVD w/Free Oil Finish Product ID : SRVDVDKIT
AGI has developed an easy method for you to professionally refinish wood gunstocks. Duplicate the finish of the top gun makers by using AGI's step by step process and Custom Oil Finish (included). The end result will be a beautiful satin finished stock that you can be proud of. Guaranteed! Because this is a state-of-the-art spray on finish, Custom Oil is easy to apply, quick drying, and very durable. It is also easy to retouch if you scratch or nick your stocks. AGI's exclusive DVD covers the step by step process in detail, showing you how to strip off the old finish, fill or fix dents and scratches, how to sand and fill the grain, special techniques for getting the proper color stain and the proper way to apply and treat the finish. All of the simple tools and materials that you will need are readily available and explained in detail. AGI provides you with a 14oz. can of Custom Oil finish to insure that you have enough material to completely refinish at least one stock and if used efficiently probably two. If you properly follow the AGI method your rifle or shotgun will look like it was refinished by an expert. Complete with AGI's exclusive step by step instructional DVD.... Click for details & product rating...
Price: $49.99
The Art of Fast Draw DVD Product ID : X0040D
Cal Elrich is an 13-time World Fast Draw Champion and one of the most successful fast draw competitors who ever lived. He is also an accomplished shooter, competing successfully in national matches including the NRA/Bianchi Cup, Steel Challenge World Speed Championship, USPSA/IPSC Nationals, and many others. This program is the result of more than 25 years of competition shooting and practice. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $24.95
The One Mile Shot DVD Product ID : X0352D
Yes, It's true... G. David Tubb shoots a target at one mile... and then he does it again and again... no luck here. And, no he does not shoot from a benchrest position, he shoots prone with a sling! You'll see how he prepared the ballistics of the ammuntion, how he set up his rifle and his scope, how he executed the shot, and the results of shooting at one mile. If that's not enough, he then backs it up with a string of 1,000 yard shots that will amaze you even more. A fascinating demonstration for those of you who are interested in extreme accuracy and even those who are not. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $24.95
The Verminators II Predator Or Prey DVD Product ID : VRMII
Join Randy, Rick and the crew as they are back on the gun in this DVD in Verminator style, including some more funny stuff and 55 kills. See some tremendous shooting as 14 coyotes are taken on the run and witness the dumbest coyote on the face of the earth. The Verminators II is another classic. DVD Video Format - 55 Kills - 3 Hours Click for details & product rating...
Price: $14.95
U.S. Marines Firepower DVD Product ID : M0002D
The United States Marines are the best fighting team in the world. See the modern weapons they carry and use when in battle. Be there at Camp Pendleton in 1988, in Oceanside, California as some fresh recruits learn all about the battle weapons of the United States Marine Corps from one of the best drill instructors you'll ever see. M-16A2, M-60, M-2 .50 calibur, M203 Grenade Launcher, M249 SAW, 60 mm and 81 mm Mortar, Mark 19 Automatic Grenade Launcher and lots more including over $65,000 worth of ammunition. All are fully explained and fired in full auto action. Excellent production, amazing tracer, impact and explosion scenes in real time and slow motion. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $34.95
Varmint Safari 4 - Tricking the Trickster DVD Product ID : RMVHVS4
Price: $19.95
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Wayne Carlton's Primetime Bulls 3 DVD Product ID : 70659
Primetime Bulls 3 DVD. The H.S. Pro Staff travel the West in pursuit of elk and other big game. Features J.R. Keller, Stan Potts, Mitch Hagen and more. DVD. 90 min. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $15.99
Woods Wise "Moose Talk" 90 Minute DVD Product ID : WW947
This is a great instructional DVD that covers how to use moose calls and how to create moose whines and grunts plus how to create variations in these moose communications from social calls to sounds that are used to express anger, fear or dominance. See bull moose and cows called to point-blank range! Watch the Callmasters as they reveal new calling and rattling techniques. Discover the meaning of dozens of moose vocalizations by listening to LIVE Moose Calling, then learn how to reproduce these sounds. See Jerry Peterson pass up several nice bulls with muzzleloader and bow before settling on a heavy-racked bull. Bonus, watch Joe Bubar put a successful bow stalk on a fall whitetail. DVD video format, 70 minutes. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $9.99
World Hunting Group Relentless Pursuit DVD Product ID : RP-DVD
Filled with fast action bow hunting, this video is complete with multiple stills hunts filmed at ground level. Look 'em in the eye... huge Midwest whitetalks, massive Alberta mulies and trophy Coues whitetail. Bowhunting action unlike any you've ever seen.

Tim Wells, the creator of Lethal Flight, will give you a down the arrow look at taking a trophy class whitetail and mulie buck, shot on the dead run! Let the arrows fly! This video is filled with tips to improve your deer hunting skills.

DVD video format. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $16.95
Desert Trail Calls Seagulls Audio CD Product ID : DT962
This audio CD-Rom contains over 60 minutes of loud, clear seagull sounds. Click for details & product rating...
Price: $8.99

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